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Scholarship Opportunities!

This information was passed along from Junior Achievement of Northern New England on behalf of the Yawkey Foundations. Please feel free to share with your students and colleagues.  

What makes someone want to be a Business Educator?

Why do we Teach?  How did we get here?  What makes someone want to be a Business Educator? I regularly teach the first year introduction to education course in our teacher education program.  The students come from all disciplines and programs.  They include prospective early childhood teachers, elementary school teachers, middle year teachers, arts educators, …

National Report Card on Adult Financial Literacy

Each year, Champlain College’s Center for Financial Literacy releases statistics on the individual states and their grades for financial literacy. How does Massachusetts stack up in terms of adult financial literacy? Click on Massachusetts to see our report card!

Special Opportunity from PwC-KWHS!

From PwC-KWHS: Hello! We are excited to share with you the Earn Your Future™ Classroom Rewards program, made possible through the PwC Charitable Foundation! This is an opportunity for prior attendees of the PwC-KWHS Seminars to receive a $250 gift code by teaching financial literacy! The Earn Your Future™ Classroom Rewards program encourages teachers …

Summer Training for High School Teachers

From the MSCPA: An AICPA task force comprised of multiple stakeholders met in early 2016 and determined that the most feasible way to attract high-caliber students into the profession was to promote and grow the Accounting Pilot and Bridge Project (APBP). This curriculum, developed in 2006 by Dr. Dan Deines, CPA of Kansas State University, …

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