Summer Training for High School Teachers

aicpa-logoFrom the MSCPA:

An AICPA task force comprised of multiple stakeholders met in early 2016 and determined that the most feasible way to attract high-caliber students into the profession was to promote and grow the Accounting Pilot and Bridge Project (APBP). This curriculum, developed in 2006 by Dr. Dan Deines, CPA of Kansas State University, combines financial and managerial accounting. More than 1,000 high school teachers in 42 states, including MA, have been trained through the program. This past summer, the AICPA successfully sponsored five three-day training sessions for high school teachers in conjunction with state CPA societies in Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas.

Would your district be interested in participating in a summer training program? We are trying to gauge the level of interest before making a commitment to the AICPA and would like to hear from you. Please email Erica DeBiase if interested.

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