Webinars from NextGenPF!

Our friends from NextGenPF are offering many great webinars over the next few months, and even have an archive of previous webinars!

March: Integrate Spreadsheets Into Your Curriculum
NGPF’s Jessica LOVES LOVES LOVES spreadsheets. She attributes her proficiency in the art to how they were integrated into much of her college coursework. There wasn’t a standalone course in Excel, but rather functional, practical integration as a problem-solving tool. We think you can do the same for your high school students, and we’ll give you some great ideas on how to do that. Hosted by you guessed it, Jessica, on March 23rd at 2pm Pacific Time!

April Webinar: A First Look At NGPF’s One-Semester Course
We hear it all the time — “Your website has SO many great resources, I don’t know where to start.” Or, “There’s no way I could teach all of your units in my one-semester course; how do I choose?” Be one of the first to see our scope and sequence, as well as units and individual lessons for NGPF’s latest creation — a curated semester-long course. Hosted by Sonia on April 25th at 2pm Pacific Time.

May Webinar: Tech Tools We Love!
NGPF is all about innovation, and we’ve come across (by our own accord or through awesome teacher recommendations) a bunch of really cool, innovative, engaging tech tools we think your students will love to use in your personal finance course. Hosted by Sonia on May 23rd at 2pm Pacific Time.


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