Meet the Board of Directors – Lydia Ann Nelson

Name: Lydia Ann Nelson ( @Lydia_Nelson LinkedIn | email )

Position: MBEA Board of Directors, Past President

School: Whitman-Hanson Regional High School, Whitman, MA

Job Title: Business and Technology teacher

Grade Levels: high school

Courses Taught: Accounting, Financial Literacy, Business Law, Web Design, Computer Applications

Why and/or how did you become a business educator?

I had worked utilizing my business, office, accounting, and management skills for almost 15 years. In the 80’s the computer made its way into the business office. There was a need to teach (and learn!) the computer. Since I don’t mind a challenge, I fell into a role of trainer. This led to a night school teaching opportunity. In 1988 when Plymouth South (in Plymouth) was opening, I was given the chance to become a full-time business teacher. It is a perfect way to blend my love of business with my love of teaching.

What is something unique that you do in your classroom?

I always blend hands-on activities with lessons to learn (computer or non-computer). Additionally, we participate in community service opportunities, such as meals and knitting items for the homeless. We also make cards for Veterans and soldiers.

What are you passionate about in business education?

I am passionate that our skills help a student succeed in life. I know I was able to pay my way through Bentley with these skills. Our students graduate with real opportunities. They are both college and career ready. It is always a pleasure to have our graduates visit and confirm this belief.

What are your top 3 “tried and true” business education resources?

My toolkit has more than three, but these I have used over and over!

If you could create your dream business education course, what would it be?

This course would be in a business pathway. We would have the student for all four years instead of it just being an electives option. The student would work through each of our courses depending on their age and their goals. At one time we explored a business academy; however, with many requirements, this was not possible.

Tell us something about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume.

That I’m passionate about what I do. I pursue PD on Saturdays, vacations, and in the evenings. I participate in several committees to advocate for financial literacy, business, and technology education.







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