Summer of Entrepreneurship Program!

From our friends at the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge:

Summer Grad-Level Professional Development for Teachers

This graduate-level professional development course for K-12 teachers will examine the role of the free enterprise system as the economic engine that propelled the United States from a New World backwater to the world’s number one economy. Teachers will examine basic economic principles, compare free enterprise capitalism to other economic systems such as mercantilism, socialism, and communism, discuss the role of government regulations, globalization, and explore how incentives drive economic decision-making.

In addition to economic basics, teachers will investigate the necessary role of character and ethical decision making required to hold human excess in check in the free enterprise system. They will examine case studies of entrepreneurs from American history and determine whether their contributions were positive or negative and scrutinize what lessons they provide for students today.

Finally, under the guidance of Leavey Award-winning mentor teachers, participating teachers will develop classroom curriculum that will give their students a hands-on experience of entrepreneurship and free enterprise economics. Full developed and tested curriculum units will then considered for the annual Leavey Awards for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education.

  • Scholarships are available for teachers from every state.
  • Program, accommodations, and meals are included.
  • Graduate credit available from LaSalle University




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