Just because it is free does not mean that it is cheap!

The Massachusetts Council on Economic Education is providing teachers an opportunity to extend classroom learning and reinforce the instruction in economics and personal finance through hosting free online challenges in economics and personal finance for teams of middle and high school students. Thanks to the leadership of the Center for Economic Education at Salem State University that serves as the state coordinator for these national competitions, students across the Commonwealth have the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of the content.

The Economics Challenge at the high school level has two divisions: the Adam Smith Division dedicated to AP students and the David Ricardo division dedicated for non-AP competitors. The content covered is micro, macro, and current events. A state winner is recognized and has the opportunity to compete on a regional level, and if successful, then given a free trip to NYC to compete in the finals. Middle school students can compete on the middle school level. Getting students engaged in economic decision-making early is a win-win. Students compete as members of a team.

The Finance Challenge is offered for two levels: high school and middle school, allowing teams of students the opportunity to demonstrate what they know about the six financial education standards categories: Earning Income, Buying Goods and Services, Saving, Using Credit, Financial Investing Protecting and Insuring. A state winner at each level will be recognized. Providing all our students with a strong foundation in informed personal finance collectively ensures for a healthier economy.

For more information contact state coordinator, Professor Van Pham: vpham@salemstate.edu

To register for one for both of the online challenges:

Economic Challenge: https://www.salemstate.edu/news/spring-2018-mass-econ-challenge

Finance Challenge: https://www.salemstate.edu/news/2018-mass-personal-finance-challenge

However, as we all know there is no free lunch. Participating in the free online challenges requires a dedicated teacher, motivated students, teamwork and filling out forms if you win. But it could be worse. You could fail to avail yourself of this opportunity!

About the blogger:  George “Scott” Guild is the President of the Massachusetts Council on Economic Education. Connect with him on Twitter @econedtweets or at Massachusetts Council on Economic Education.

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