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Want to give your students the opportunity to earn thousands in cash prizes while learning to make better money decisions about college?

Featured in the New York Times, our paying-for-college game PAYBACK has been played by over 150,000 students in just 3 months since launch! Teachers are saying, “It was an amazing game. All of my students were so highly engaged that it was time to go to lunch and none of them wanted to leave,” AND “They loved that the game made them confront the money challenges of college but also helped them build the skills to survive and thrive.”

How to participate in The PAYBACK Challenge

Step 1) Teachers Register Intent

Step 2) Students Play PAYBACK

  • In Class Option: A single game-play takes 15-20 minutes, but you may also use a full 50-minute period by playing the game twice

  • Teachers: You can also use this corresponding classroom activity to support your students as they play the game.

  • At Home Option: Your students can play the game at home, too.

Step 3) Students Write Short Essay

  • Use this Essay Template to collect 250 word essays that respond to this writing prompt:

    How could you use the online game, PAYBACK, to have a conversation with your parent/guardian about paying for college? 

Step 4) Teacher Nominates and Submits ONE student essay

  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to send in nominations AFTER you register (see STEP 1).

  • Deadline: Midnight at March 23rd

  • Oh, and about the money…over $150,000 in cash prizes are available (and yes, there are Educator awards available, too!) and EACH state will be represented on the podium!

Student Awards:

  • National Grand Prize Winners – 10 at $5,000 each
  • Honorable Mention Awards: 150 at $500 each
  • A minimum of 2 student essays from each of the 50 states + District of Columbia

Educator Awards:

  • Educator Awards – The educators who nominated the Honorable Mention and National Grand Prize Winners will each receive $200 for classroom projects.

  • Nominator Awards – ALL educators who nominate a student will be be entered into a drawing. 20 names will be drawn with each receiving $100 for classroom projects.

Check out our blog post for additional details and guidelines for the PAYBACK Challenge: The NGPF PAYBACK Challenge: An Essay Contest With Over $150,000 in Prize Money Available!

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