3 College Admissions Preparation Tips for Aspiring Business Majors

Picture this.

You see yourself in a sleek suit, confidently giving directions at the helm of your own thriving company. Next, you head to a party, rubbing elbows with the who’s who in the industry as well as a smattering of celebrities. Then off you go to jet to some exclusive island to take some well-earned R&R for the weekend.

Like what you see so far?

Then better get to work. Turning that dream into reality doesn’t happen on its own. It takes hard work, perseverance, and a whole lot of passion. But first things first: You have to pass high school with flying colors, preferably, then get into the college of your choice.

Crack the books

Getting into college is a huge step, especially so for business degree hopefuls as the criteria for admission is quite stringent. With more and more students leaning toward becoming a business major in college, universities make sure that admission requirements are up to par.

Taking a business course has been a popular choice among graduating high school students. This is because they think that having a business degree will open more doors for them.

In fact, survey results show that graduates of business degree courses are more likely to be hired within three months after graduation. Companies tend to favor business studies graduates because of their interest in business, their motivation to go into the industry, and their exposure to the work environment.

Business schools across all borders are tightening their admission policies. High school students who are training their sights on majoring in business should plan early if they want to make it.

Below are the top three tips coming from the best college consultants on how to best prepare for college admissions, with particular focus on majoring in business studies:

1. Take the right classes

If you want to have an edge  over the thousands who are vying to get into a business degree program, taking the right classes in high school will spell the difference. Give particular attention to subjects such as English, mathematics, and speech or communications.

If other subjects like Accounting, Computer Science, Business Law or other business-related classes are offered in your school, you might want to take them, as well. Consider attending seasonal educational camps to take additional subject courses you’re struggling in.

2. “Leaders are made, not born.”

Experts stress the importance of developing strong leadership skills. To catch the attention of admission officers, your application should contain information about your leadership abilities. Highlighting your strengths as someone who displays good governance will certainly put you at an advantage.

To hone your leadership potential, explore ideas or groups that interest you and pursue them. You don’t have to spread yourself out too thin either; just focus on a select few that really resonate with you and pour your passion into it. It can be volunteering in your local community or taking the lead in socially-relevant school projects.

If your interests lie in food, why not apply for an internship at your friendly neighborhood restaurant? Are you into clothes? Apply for a summer job and learn about fashion retail at your local mall. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Start a business. Do not be afraid to be a game-changer.

Whatever it is, make sure to learn from the experience and do it with sincerity. Having true passion for something will show in your responses during the interview, if you make it that far. The admission panels have been through countless applications and they can sniff a fake from miles away.

3. Do your homework

It is never too early to start preparing for your college application. If you are looking into making business your college major, the earlier you start researching what you need to do, the better.

Start checking out schools, scholarships, and careers related to your interests. Find out which ones best suit your plans or needs as well as financial considerations, if any. Look these topics up online or make inquiries in person by visiting campuses and universities when you can. Each school has its unique character, so explore their course offerings, observe the learning environment, and see if the complete package suits your vision of college life.

Take the time to consult your high school guidance counselor or seek out college admissions consultants to give you proper guidance. Their expertise regarding career paths can help you sort and organize your thoughts regarding college as well as help you with the application requirements if called for.

Blaze your own trail

Armed with the basic knowledge on how to ace your college applications, getting into the university – and the major – of your choice is an easier road to conquer. By charting up a plan on how you want to map up your route to college, you can be ready for possible bumps in the road.

Bear in mind that with you must be willing to scale the heights to reach your dreams. Do your part and do it well. If you really want something, then have the fire and fervor to make it happen. No one else can do it but you.

About the blogger: Brian Giroux is an experienced college admissions advisor and co-founder of Capital College Consulting. Brian is a Professional Member of Independent Educational Consulting Association (IECA). Brian has worked with students from over 30 countries to help provide guidance through the US admissions process.

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