Banzai Teacher/Student Video Contest!

from our friends at Banzai!:

Who wants to win $1,000???
Banzai’s mission is to make an impact and prepare students for what’s next. Hands-on, experience-based learning is fun and effective, and it’s why you love Banzai. Now you can help us tell our story to other prospective teachers!

How To Win:

We’re looking for teachers to create a brief video telling us why/what you and your students love about Banzai.

Ideas to include:
-How has Banzai impacted your student’s lives?
-What sets Banzai apart from any other courses?
-How has Banzai made your job easier as a teacher?

We’ll be judging on creativity, positive feedback, encouraging dialogue, teacher and student involvement, etc.


Now, onto the exciting details. There will be 3 lucky winners!

  • 1st place will win a $1,000 Amazon gift card
  • 2nd place will win a $500 Amazon gift card
  • 3rd place will win a $250 Amazon gift card


Please send your submission to We ask that your videos be no less than 30 seconds and no more than 3 minutes.

Deadline is Friday, June 1st at 11:59pm MST.

We appreciate your help with this project; and as always, we’re so grateful for our supportive Banzai teachers!

Emily Inman
Public Relations, Banzai

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