A new way to teach financial literacy … starting in kindergarten!

FitMoney is a Massachusetts-based financial literacy profit that aims to improve youth financial knowledge and habits in school. Our free, K-12 financial literacy curriculum starts early when financial habits are being formed. Last year, more than 60 teachers used our curriculum to teach 1,500 fourth and fifth graders in Charlestown, East Bridgewater, North Andover and Weston, and we are expanding grades and towns rapidly. Here’s how we empower teachers and engage students:

  • FitMoney’s free K-12 curriculum is ready to teach, standards-aligned, and requires little teacher prep time.
  • Lessons, handouts, and slides are available via Google Classroom.
  • We offer six lessons per year in elementary school on average, real world case studies in middle school, and a capstone high school class.
  • We spiral our lessons from kindergarten through high school so important lessons can be reinforced and built upon over time.
  • We offer teacher training in the form of in-school meetings and videos.
  • Kids love to learn about money! 72% of teachers reported that students were very engaged in FitMoney lessons and activities last year.

The need has never been greater. The growing complexity of financial decision-making, rising debt levels, soaring college costs, and escalating health care costs are significant reasons why financial education is urgent. As we move towards a cashless economy (think Venmo and Apple Pay), it is easier than ever to make impulse purchases and leading to alarming knowledge gaps in how to manage money.

Teaching personal finance over a multi-year period will give youth better tools and decision-making skills to become financially competent and confident adults.

Please contact us to learn more.

About the blogger: Robin Kahn was formerly Senior Vice President of Marketing at a Jewish Family & Children’s Service, Vice President of Strategic Programs at Fidelity Investments, strategy consultant at Accenture, and equity research associate at Kidder Peabody & Co. She holds a BBA from the University of Michigan and MBA from Columbia Business School.

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