EITC Awareness Day (January 25th)

From our friends at the IRS:

EITC awareness day



Did you know that nationwide during 2018, 25 million eligible workers and families received about $63 billion in EITC? The average amount of EITC received nationwide was about $2,488!

Join us in making the 13th annual Awareness Day as successful as last year’s. We partnered with more than 1,500 supporters with a combined social reach of over 2 million. And, partners sponsored over nearly 220 live events and other activities such as news releases and articles for EITC Awareness Day.

With your help, we want to even make it bigger and better this year. And, we want to increase eligibility awareness of refundable credits that many miss claiming or don’t get right. Along with the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), we want to include the Child Tax Credit and the refundable part, the Additional Child Tax Credit (CTC/ACTC), and the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC).

What is Awareness Day? Community organizations, elected officials, state and local governments, schools, employers, and other interested parties to partner in a national effort to increase awareness of refundable credits by shining a large spotlight on them from multiple media sources. We want to  generate extensive news media coverage on this specific day (or days in close proximity) to increase awareness among potentially eligible taxpayers at the time most are filing or getting ready to file their federal income tax returns. The IRS joins partners nationwide to launch the Awareness Day outreach campaign to ensure  millions workers get the credits they earned and deserve.

This intensive media coverage helps us reach the broadest possible range of eligible taxpayers, including the underserved populations and the newly eligible taxpayers.

Why is Awareness Important? IRS estimates four of five eligible taxpayers claim and get the EITC.  Best of all, EITC combined with the CTC/ACTC is a financial boost for working people and your local economy. EITC and the CTC greatly reduce poverty for working families. These working family credits lifted an estimated 9.4 million people out of poverty, including 5 million or more than half of them children.

Help promote EITC Awareness Day on January 25th with the following materials:

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