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We’re always looking for new opportunities to support and empower our teachers.  This winter join NGPF for our new online offering  – Virtual PD!  You’ll meet with teachers and NGPFers online in a video call to share ideas, resources, and questions.  Connect with your personal finance community to share, grow, and learn together.

As always, we’re offering a variety of professional development opportunities online – sign up for an NGPF PLCWebinar, or Virtual PD today!


  • “I have been teaching and attending PD for over 25 years. This is, without question or hesitation, the most useful and engaging PD I’ve ever had. I feel like I’ve found the holy grail.”

NGPF Virtual PD

NGPF’s new Virtual PD offerings give you the opportunity to connect with personal finance teachers from all over the country.

Find and experience awesome activities and lessons to bring back to your students. Coming up this winter, join us for…

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  • “The PLC was a great way to reach out to a group of teachers you would not otherwise collaborate with. Getting input and feedback from such a varied group of educators really helped to enrich my lesson.”


  • Send in an artifact that you would like feedback on
  • Meet online for 30 minutes/week with a group of 3-5 educators
  • PLC Round lasts 3-5 weeks as each educator gets feedback on their artifact
  • Led by an expert NGPF facilitator
  • Provided at NO COST to participants. Space is limited, so register today!

Register: NGPF PLC

  1. Investing Series #1: What’s an Index Fund?   Low-cost diversified index funds are becoming an increasingly popular investment in the stock market. Many educators lament the dearth of resources available to teach students about this financial product. In this webinar learn the basics of index funds and walk away with tools you can use to educate and engage your students on this important new development.

Hosted by Tim on January 22 at 2pm Pacific Time | Register Now

  1. Brush up on Taxes   They say nothing is certain but death and taxes, but teaching taxes to teenagers can be pretty tricky. Tax laws change all the time, they vary by state, and there’s a lot of new content every year to wrap your head around. Tune in for this content webinar to brush up on tax knowledge.

Hosted by Sonia on January 24th at 2pm Pacific Time | Register Now

  1. Investing Series #2: Mind Games: The Psychology of Investing   This webinar will focus on how we are often our own worst enemies when it comes to investing. The cognitive biases that trip us up include loss aversion, overconfidence and inability to understand our ACTUAL tolerance for risk. Attend this webinar and you will 1) learn about some investing hacks to help you and your students overcome these biases and 2) Use games so your students can experience the emotional roller-coaster of investing.

Hosted by Tim on February 26 at 2pm Pacific Time | Register Now

  1. Brush Up On InsuranceJust as many people get confused about insurance, many teachers get confused about teaching insurance! Tune in for this content webinar to brush up on your insurance knowledge like:
    • What are some basic types of insurance available to consumers, and what are some likely use cases for each?
    • How does your personal information impact your individual risk level?
    •  What are some factors that affect insurance premiums?
    • and more…

Hosted by Sonia on February 28 at 2pm Pacific Time | Register Now

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