Illinois State University’s Master of Science in Business Education

The Illinois State University College of Business has a new program for a Master of Science in Business Education!

The Master of Science in Business Education program requires:

  • Either EAF 410 (Pedagogy Track) or MBA 416 (Content Track)—This is your research/statistics course
  • TCH 478—Evaluating Student Performance
  • TCH 401—Introduction to Educational Technologies
  • BE 499—Thesis
  • 15-18 credit hours in your specific track
  • 6-9 credit hours in Business Education


The Business Education and track courses will be determined by a transcript review and consultation with one of the program coordinators who will work with you to select the best courses for your personal needs.

Apply Today to secure your spot!


For more information, please contact Associate Professor Tamra S. Davis, Ph.D.


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