Shrewsbury Summer Institute: Student Agency & Entrepreneurship

  • How might we teach and embrace entrepreneurship in a traditional school environment?
  • How might we expand student agency and voice through embracing entrepreneurship as a process and skill set suited for all students?
  • With current and emerging technologies, the barriers that have historically existed for students to engage in entrepreneurship are nearly non-existent. Through connecting with experts in their field, to networking via technology, to building a brand and virtual business, the purpose of the workshop is to explore the potential for students to define a problem, identify a market & space to engage as a digital entrepreneur.


Participants will:

  • Define and identify what types of attributes, skills and abilities students can develop through the entrepreneurial process
  • Learn how digital technologies, social media platforms and content creation have drastically changed the landscape of entrepreneurship
  • Explore ways we can teach students to leverage digital technologies to engage in the entrepreneurial process

From the skills that need to be explored and taught to develop successful entrepreneurs, to the role of technology in the process, workshop attendees will spend time developing a vision and process for implementing the skill of entrepreneurship in the classroom and school. Further, workshop participants will engage in a Design Thinking process or hybrid of this process to role play and simulate a student that is developing entrepreneurial skills, tendencies and abilities, from observation to determine the problem, through ideating solutions and potential products for the market.

Cost: $360

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