Earn $50 At NGPF Virtual FinCamps

From our friends at NextGen Personal Finance:

NEW! Earn $50 At NGPF Virtual FinCamps

Take our in-person FinCamps and deliver them virtually? What a crazy idea, right? That can’t possibly turn out well…or can it?

Here’s what teachers who attended our Virtual FinCamps in June had to say:

  • “Keep up the camps. NGPF has been the most engaging PD I’ve attended in years.”
  • “I am absolutely inspired…I am more prepared to teach my students in the fall.”
  • “Great session! Loved it and will be back for more.”

Click on the button below to register for our Virtual FinCamps in July and August and earn a $50 Amazon gift card for EACH one that you complete (maximum of 6). With each Virtual FinCamp capped at 25 teachers, be sure to enroll today.

Register for Virtual FinCamps


  1. If I have attended an in-person FinCamp, what will I have to look forward to at these Virtual FinCamps?
    The Virtual FinCamps will differ from our in-person FinCamps in that they will have a topical focus: Careers, Insurance, Investing, Taxes, and Credit. Each of these will be offered 2-3 times this summer! We also will be offering a Virtual FinCamp 2019 that closely mirrors our in-person FinCamp for those who have NOT attended a FinCamp.

  2. How will a Virtual FinCamp keep me engaged?
    Our FinCamp philosophy remains intact with Virtual FinCamp. The hallmarks of that are teacher engagement, collaboration, and the opportunity to explore resources while sharing implementation ideas with other participants. The Zoom platform allows teachers to engage via voice, chat, breakout rooms, and shared Google docs, to name just a few.

  3. How many Virtual FinCamps does NGPF have planned for July and August?
    14! We know that educators love to use the summer months to tinker, update, and refresh their curriculum. Visit our Virtual FinCamp page to see the full calendar.

  4. What is the maximum number of $50 Amazon gift cards that I can earn by participating in an NGPF Virtual FinCamp?
    You can earn up to six (6) Amazon gift cards or one (1) for each of the six content areas covered in our Virtual FinCamps: Credit, Investing, Careers, Taxes, Insurance and our General FinCamp program. You must participate fully in the Virtual FinCamp and complete the feedback survey to be eligible for the gift card.

  5. Will I receive an Amazon gift card if I participated in a Virtual FinCamp in June?
    Yes. We will be reaching out to you shortly via email with your gift card.

  6. How many teachers can participate in a specific Virtual FinCamp?
    We will be capping enrollment at 25 teachers so be sure to sign up soon as spaces will fill up quickly. We ask for your assistance by:
    1) only enrolling in Virtual FinCamps that you know you WILL attend, and
    2) contacting us to let us know if you need to cancel. A last minute cancellation means a spot for a teacher will remain unfilled.

  7. What technical skills will I need to participate?
    Minimal. We send over a Zoom link [Zoom is the platform we use], you click and join the meeting. NO software downloads required. This video will show you the basics.

  8. At what times will the Virtual FinCamps be offered? How long will they last?
    To accommodate the varied summer schedules, the Virtual FinCamps will be offered with different start times of 6 a.m., 7 a.m., 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. PT [9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and 12 noon ET] and will last for approximately 5 hours. The Virtual FinCamps are structured as three, 90-minute blocks that are separated by 15-minute breaks.

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