Webinar: Distance Learning and Career Vocational Technical and Agricultural Educators

From our friends at MAVA:

Jul 16, 2020, 7:00 PM EST

This will be a Massachusetts educator conversation for professionals who support the mission of Career Vocational Technical and Agricultural education. We encourage all non-administrator CVTE professionals to join the conversation, i.e., academic and technical teachers, counselors, nurses, media specialists, technology specialists and support personnel.

You will be assigned a ZOOM breakout room, facilitated by a member of MAVA and based on your TWO top choices from the following discussion questions:
#1 What do school leaders need to hear from teachers right now?
#2 How do you design virtual interaction to hook your students?
#3 How are you and your district addressing student accessibility to technology and tools for distance learning?
#4 What are some ways you can foster social-emotional well-being in your students?
#5 What are some practices for engaging parents or family members?


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