FREE Massachusetts Business Licensure Webinar

We hope this finds you well despite the challenging year we’ve all experienced. Given that we haven’t had a conference for the past two years, we put together a FREE virtual webinar on Massachusetts business education licensure. The free, virtual event will take place on Tuesday, June 8th at 6:00 pm. Our guest speaker, Beth Tripathi, from the Massachusetts Teachers Association’s Center for Education and Policy & Practice, will present on paths and requirements to licensure.

Please complete the online registration form below to help Beth better customize the webinar to meet the interests of those planning to attend. We hope you will plan to virtually attend!



Thank you for all you do!


MBEA Board of Directors
Jacqueline Collins Prester, President
Kris Langan, Vice President
Mary Ann Shea, Treasurer
Sue Comparato, Secretary
Cynthia Durkee, Director
Susan Callaway Pratt, Director
Peter Meggison, Director

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