MBEA Leadership Opportunity!

Dear Colleague,

Since 1962, the Massachusetts Business Educators’ Association (MBEA) has been the leading professional association in the Commonwealth devoted to promoting business education activities and providing professional services for our teachers. To accomplish this, many business teachers have volunteered their time and talent to partake in directing the activities of our association.

The MBEA is now at a critical juncture. We do not have business educators, either secondary or post-secondary, to take on leadership positions in MBEA and thereby continue with its existence. We currently have a committee of six people who have served as officers, but we have no new teachers to direct future activities of MBEA.
We are looking for some dedicated business teachers who are willing to take over the activities of our association at this point to ensure the success of MBEA well into the future. Would you be willing to be one of these teachers? Potential activities with which you may be involved may include:

  • Zoom board meetings
  • face-to-face board meeting in the summer
  • maintain MBEA’s website and social media
  • help to organize an annual face-to-face conference
  • advocate for business education initiatives at the local and state levels
  • propose networking activities for our members
  • connect MBEA with the National Business Education Association (NBEA)

Would YOU be willing to step forward and commit yourself to assisting with planning and implementing MBEA activities? The current MBEA committee is willing to meet with you face-to-face in early summer 2023 to discuss your participation and serve in a mentoring capacity as plans for the future are formulated. Please email Jacqueline Collins if you are interested in this unique opportunity to be of service to the business education profession in Massachusetts.


MBEA Board of Directors
Jacqueline Collins, Mansfield High School
Sue Comparato, Swampscott High School
Cynthia Durkee, Wahconah Regional High School
Taryn Grigas-Lang, Holliston High School
Kris Langan, Hudson High School
Peter Meggison, Massasoit Community College

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