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Marketing & Enrollments Guide

Marketing & Enrollments Guide Undergraduate programs are cutting business education teacher preparation programs. Departments don’t have a supervisor with a business education background. At the same time, business is the most popular major in the country. The eastern region has some of the best institutes of higher education, along with global financial powerhouses and industry …

My Parents, My Mentors

I am honored and proud to have an article published in the October 2018 edition of the National Business Education Association‘s Business Education Forum magazine. When asked to author an article about my mentors in the field of education, it was a no-brainer to select my parents! Both had long and successful careers as public …

Congratulations to Peter Meggison, Associate Editor of NBEA Yearbook No. 55!

Congratulations to our own MBEA Board of Directors member, Peter Meggison, for his contribution to the National Business Education Association Yearbook, No. 55! Peter served as the Associate Editor for the Assessment Strategies in Business Education yearbook. Thank you, Peter, for continuing to give back to the business education community.

NBEA award nominations are open!

Every day there is life-changing work being done by teachers, administrators, supervisors, and industry professionals in the field of business education. This is your opportunity to nominate a colleague for the NBEA 2017 Awards. NBEA is now accepting nominations for outstanding individuals in the following award categories: Middle School Teacher of the Year Secondary Teacher …

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