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Help Support Computer Science!

From our friends at CSteachers.org: A month ago the federal government announced its intent to commit $200M per year to computer science. The Department of Education has since published its priorities, and we have work to do to strengthen the language on computer science. CSTA will share feedback with the Department, but we want your help. Click here to submit …

A Day on the Hill Follow-up

From our friends at MassSaves:

Advocate for Financial Literacy Education – A Day on the Hill

If you are able to attend, please make every effort to be a part of A Day on the Hill. The information below is from our friends at MassSaves: Register Here

Report – Who has access to financial education in America today?

NextGen Personal Finance just released a comprehensive study entitled “Who has access to financial education in America today?” Please take the time to read this study to become familiar with this important topic that affects our students and the courses we teach. Direct Link

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