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The State of Financial Literacy Education Today

From our friends at the Newseum Institute: The Newseum Institute will host a special panel discussion on the state of financial literacy education, following a news conference at which major consumer groups and child advocacy experts will announce their endorsement of FoolProof, a new consumer life skills resource for teachers. The groups and experts will endorse …

Free Financial Lesson Packages from CentSai

From our friends at CentSai: Download These Free Financial Lesson Packages

Health Insurance Math

An important life skill that everyone needs to know is how to calculate out-of-pocket costs for health care. Unfortunately, many people do not understand basic health insurance terms and how they are applied in calculations to determine how much is owed to a health care provider. A study by Loewenstein et al. found that only …

Feature a Teacher: Talitha Oliveri

Each month we feature one of our most dedicated and innovative business education teachers in the MBEA. Please contact Jacqueline Prester with your suggestions of an outstanding teacher to be featured here in a future month! Name: Talitha Oliveri ( @t_oliveri | LinkedIn | website | email ) School: Hopedale Jr. Sr. High School in Hopedale, MA Job Title: Business Educator Grade …

Financial Education Works! (part 3)

Financial Literacy is such an important subject for our students to be learning about in school. Thanks to MassSaves, these quotes have been put together to bring awareness to the need for financial education:

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