Create a Classroom Facebook Page to Teach Marketing

My marketing class has been doing the marketing for the Litchfield Activities Department for about 8 weeks.  We have done the majority of our work using Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram (golhsdragons), and I have also had students create blog entries ( to try and teach content marketing.  The concept of content marketing through blogging is a work in progress.

One of the best teaching tools I have come across during this process is Facebook’s Insights section on our page.  Clicking on this tab allows you to see a breakdown of the basic demographics of the people that like your page, and the type of engagement of each post based on comments, shares, or clicks.



Another cool thing that is in the insights tab is the opportunity to export more specific data about each post.  For example when you see that a Facebook video has 2500 views it can be pretty deceiving.  When you export the data about the video it will break it down by how long the video was viewed and how many unique views.  I have inserted an image below.


On the Facebook page some of these videos show that they have been watched more than 2000 times, but as you can see that # is not an accurate snapshot as to how many people actually watched the complete video.  These are just a couple of the ways the views are measured.

I know there are some business departments that have websites and social media accounts, in fact Gerri Kimble (@GerriKimble) was just discussing the use of Instagram accounts today, so I thought I would mention how Facebook could be used to teach the effectiveness of your digital marketing.

About the blogger:  Justin Wittrock graduated in 2004 from Winona State University with a B.S. In Business Education, and received his M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of St. Mary in 2011.  He taught Business for 2 years at Southland High School in Adams, MN, and has been teaching Business and Technology courses at Litchfield High School in Litchfield, MN for the last 10 years.  Connect with him on Twitter @WittyInS104 or at

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