Effective Methods of Teaching Business Education in the 21st Century

NEW PUBLICATION FROM NBEA: Effective Methods of Teaching Business Education in the 21st Century

Are you planning to revise or rewrite your curriculum in 2021? Or perhaps in these changing times, you are just looking for some new methods to try out.

If so, we at MBEA have the answer for you—a very helpful publication for your toolkit, from the National Business Education Association (NBEA), is Effective Methods of Teaching Business Education in the 21st Century.  Issued earlier this summer, this publication is chock full of new methods and best practices for teaching all business subjects whether your teaching experiences are face-to-face or remote.

Whether you are teaching Information Technology, Business Communication, Accounting, Management, Economics, Personal Finance, Law, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, or International Business this publication is a must. The 20 chapters in this book, authored by 35 business educators from all over the United States, cover these topics and more! For a detailed list of all the chapters, see the page which follows.

Perhaps you are a career changer who entered the business education field from industry and did not have the benefit of methods classes in teaching business subjects while you were preparing for your degree.  If you are, you are bound to find this publication extremely useful.

The MBEA Executive Board is sure you will find some exciting ways to inspire, inform, and motivate your business education students with the assistance of this new publication.

As an NBEA member, the publication is free in the NBEA Online Library, or a hard copy may be purchased for $60.   If you are not an NBEA member, now is the time to join.  Visit nbea.org for membership information.

From all your friends at MBEA, we wish you a very successful and enjoyable 2021 in your business education classroom!

Click the book below to purchase directly from the NBEA! Sign into your NBEA account for a discount.

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