JA Academy 2017

ja-nneJunior Achievement of Northern New England is proud to announce that we are offering THREE JA Academy programs this winter, from January-April 2017.

What makes this year unique? Not only do we have three sites available in Boston for students to apply to participate in, but all student companies will compete at the 2nd annual JA Student Leadership Summit in May to be named JA Student Company of the Year as well as be invited to attend our annual JA Business Hall of Fame.

What is the JA Academy program? An after-school program where students from multiple schools come together and actually start their own company. Students become colleagues mentored by business professionals and entrepreneurs. They identify a need in their community to address, develop a product/service, raise capital through selling stocks, source materials, create their product/service, market, sell, and then liquidate – all in 13 meetings over 14 weeks! It’s a life changing and incredible experience.

Eligibility: JA Academy programs are open to all high school students who are in grades 9-12 during the 16-17 academic year. Any high school student may apply as long as they can commute to the program in Boston each week to arrive on time and depart on time.

Application Deadlines: Applications are competitive. Students who wish to apply EARLY DECISION must submit their application by Thursday, December 15th. Students choosing to apply REGULAR DECISION must submit their application by Friday, December 30th.

APPLY ONLINE: http://janewengland.org/jaacademyapply/

Cost: Free! Students must provide their own transportation and attend all 13 meetings from January-April 2017.

Before submitting your application, please consider the following:

  1. Your schedule and availability. Programs are available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  2. Your transportation/commute and ability to arrive by 3:30 pm and ability to stay at the program through 6:00 pm.
  3. On your application be sure to rate accurately your top program choices. Student rankings will be considered as part of the acceptance process. Space is limited.

For more information please visit the online application: http://janewengland.org/jaacademyapply/

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