2022 FREE Webinar Series

As previously announced, we’re excited to offer FREE webinars on Tuesday nights in May! These sessions will mimic what we hoped to provide at our in-person event in April. The sessions are offered as follows:
  • May 3: The Evolving World of Accounting
  • May 10: Design Thinking in Your Business Classroom
  • May 17: Insurance Industry Opportunities
  • May 24: MA License Requirements for Business Educators
  • May 31: Social Media Marketing
All sessions will begin at 6:00 pm and run for roughly an hour, with the exception of May 24: MA License Requirements for Business Educators due to the nature of its content.
We ask that you register in advance for the sessions so that we may provide you with Zoom links for the sessions. The sessions are FREE and open to educators in any state! Please share the sessions with your colleagues both near and far.


May 3: The Evolving World of Accounting:  Like most things, technology has transformed the accounting profession. Jobs and tasks routinely done by entry level staff have been replaced by automation and robotics, yet the need for new accountants and CPAs has never been greater. In this session, we’ll explore the ways in which the profession has evolved and how that has changed the skills future CPAs and accountants will need. We’ll also showcase hands-on learning activities that highlight and develop these skills in your classroom.

May 10: Design Thinking in Your Business Classroom:  Are you looking to add some magic to your classroom? This session is for you. Come check out the power of Design Thinking and the impact it can have on your student’s thought process. From strengthening group work to encouraging creativity, students are the drivers from start to finish when using this process with projects. You will see first hand examples of how this can be incorporated into your classroom as well as take home some project ideas for you to try the following Monday! The purpose of this workshop is to learn about the design thinking process in greater detail, gain access to some fun projects to try in your business classes and most importantly to feel inspired to try something a little outside the box!

May 17: Insurance Industry Opportunities:  The Insurance industry is a local one with jobs in almost every city and town. We estimate that in Massachusetts, there are over 10,000 insurance jobs and estimate that over 50% of insurance agencies and insurance companies plan to hire staff in the next year. Our goal would be to educate students more about the industry and opportunities in it as it can be an amazing career but many students don’t know what its about or why it is interesting. Included in the insurance industry are many different kinds of jobs like marketing/social media jobs, customer service, IT, sales, and our clients are in every industry. Our business allows everyone who owns homes, cars, businesses protection from a variety of different threats to what they own or the business they worked hard to build…from hackers to hurricanes to fires. Additionally, as a service industry, many of our positions are in the communities we serve and can be out and about, remote or in an office. The best part is that our industry pays very well and is recession-proof allowing people to work in a very stable and interesting industry. Our goal would be to explain a little more about the industry, the jobs, the benefits to their communities and the income potential to create awareness. The industry historically has been an aging industry and that is creating an amazing opportunity for new students to enter a career path at their own pace and in the areas they are interested in and the best part is that the jobs are everywhere.

May 24: MA License Requirements for Business Educators:  In this 1.5 hour session, we will review the general requirements for advancing and renewing Academic Business teacher licenses. We will cover the requirements for applying for a Professional license, collecting PDPs for renewal and get updated information on new licensure policies in Massachusetts. There will be time for questions and collaboration at the end of this session.

May 31: Social Media Marketing:  Social Media Marketing is a necessity for brands who want to stay connected to their consumers. In order to stay connected with their audience, brands must increase engagement and brand loyalty through their social media platforms. This session will provide key ways to increase engagement, inspire brand loyalty and create an online community in 2022.