FREE Financial Literacy Micro-Credentials

From our friends at the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC):

In collaboration with Digital Promise and with the support of PwC, GFLEC is working to help bridge the gap between students’ need for personal finance education and teachers’ need for professional resources. We used our research experience and the Council for Economic Education’s National Standards for Financial Literacy to develop twenty micro-credentials, which are digital badges teachers can earn to show competency in specific personal financial areas. Each micro-credential includes methodologies and resources to help teachers cover content that secondary school students can apply directly to their own lives, including how to plan for their career and using their mobile phone to manage their finances.

The following micro-credentials are currently available at Some offer the opportunity for PDPs and/or graduate credit. Please see each option for more details.

  • Activating Prior Knowledge about Insurance
  • Applied Learning: Simple Saving Strategies
  • Budgeting with Simulations
  • Buying or Leasing: RAFT Writing
  • Calculating Compound Interest: I Do, We Do, You Do
  • Credit Cards: Analyzing Pros and Cons
  • Decision-Making Through the PACED Model
  • Digital Game-Based Learning: Identity Protection
  • Discussing Risk and Return
  • Experiential Learning: Automobile Insurance
  • Learning Investing Through Effective Vocabulary Instruction
  • Learning-by-Doing: Comparing Banking Services and Costs
  • Performance-Based Learning: Using Your Mobile Phone for Financial Management and Decision Making
  • Problem Based Learning: Student Loan Borrowing Principles
  • Problem-Based Learning: Saving for Retirement
  • Project Based Learning: Exploring Your Future Career Opportunities
  • Rules of Thumb to Build Credit: I Do, We Do, You Do
  • Simulation-Based Learning: Tax Basics for Teens
  • Social and Emotional Based Learning: Comparison Shopping for Big Ticket Items
  • Understanding Credit Scores with Graphic Organizers


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